Booking rules

Information on booking group exercise sessions.

Fitness floor

(capital area & Turku)

Due to the new restrictions, we limit the operations of ELIXIA centers in the capital area and Turku. The activity is limited by providing members with 55 minutes of training time at the gym so that there are only 10 members on the premises at a time. Training times change every hour and previous workouts are routed out of the fitness center before the next ones arrive. There are 10 bookable places per hour.

  • Book your training time through our website or the booking system in the ELIXIA application. The booking system can be found under "Group exercise".
  • To see the available times, select the center where you want to train. Click "Book" for the time you want to come to work out.
  • The duration of one booked workout is 55 min, including time in the locker room.
  • Only members with a valid reservation can train at the gym in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa & Turku regions.
  • You can make reservations 7 days in advance. There can be 3 simultaneous bookings (1 per day).
  • If training slot you prefer is fully booked, you can join to the waiting list (5 queue spots per training slot). If you see an icon and a number after the “Book” button, it means that all training places for the hour are reserved and there is a queue for the time. The number following the icon indicates how many people are in the queue.
  • Arrive at the center on time according to the reservation. Our staff will pick you up from the entrance.
  • If you are unable to train, cancel your reservation no later than 1 hour before the start of the reservation in order to release the training spot to the first one on the waiting list.
  • If your membership is frozen, you are not able to make bookings.


Group exercise classes

Updated booking rules in the capital area and Turku from March 22: Group exercise classes are booked according to normal booking rules. The exception is the queuing policy - it is only possible to get a place for an hour from the first 5 queuing places, if one of the bookers has not arrived at the place. You must arrive at the center 5 minutes before the start of the class with training clothes ready on site, a water bottle filled and a exercise mat (if required) included. The instructor picks up the participants from the front door.

In addition to booking group exercise classes, a training slots must also be booked to the gym, either through the ELIXIA application or through our website. If you want to book a place for both the gym and group exercise, you will need to book training times for the gym first due to technical challenges.

*Group exercise classes are paused until further notice at the centers with only one group exercise studio: ELIXIA Citycenter, ELIXIA Töölö, ELIXIA Sörnäinen, ELIXIA Viikki, ELIXIA Suomenoja, ELIXIA Myyrmäki, ELIXIA Skanssi, ELIXIA Trivium, ELIXIA Hertsi, ELIXIA Salmisaari ja ELIXIA Espoonlahti


You can book up to seven days in advance of the actual time of the session. This means you can book the same session next week immediately after the end of a session. You can book up to six sessions at any one time, and up to two sessions on the same day. 



You can collect tickets from two hours before the session starts. Tickets must be collected no later than 10 minutes before the session. Tickets that have not been collected 10 minutes before the session will be made available to members on the waiting list. Tickets will be allocated in accordance with the waiting list principle, where the first person on the list is offered the first available place etc. Don't forget to register at our booking desk that you have arrived if you are on the waiting list for a session. 



If a session is fully booked, you can sign onto the waiting list. The waiting list is updated live and as soon as a cancellation is received, you will move up the list. We will send an email and/or a push notification (if you have our app) to you that you have been allocated a place on the session concerned.

Email: Please check that you have entered the correct email address at, under “My pages”/“My settings”.

Push notification: Activate push notification and get a text message straight to your smartphone that you have been offered a place on a session you are on the waiting list for. Push notifications are sent up to 10 minutes before the session starts. 

You can check where you stand on the waiting list via and the SATS app. Under “My bookings” you can check your position on the waiting list with an orange symbol and a number. The app shows you what number you are on the waiting list for the session you are booked on.



You can cancel a group exercise session up to two hours before it starts. If you forget to cancel three sessions in one month, you will be suspended from booking sessions for 14 days. However, you can join sessions by booking directly at the centre. Bookings can be made at the booking desk at the centre on the day of the session.

If you are on the waiting list and are then allocated a place, if you do not attend the session, this is classed as a no show booking, irrespective of how close to the start of the session you are notified. It is important that you check in for the session on arrival at the centre, even if you are only on the waiting list.

When the waiting list is updated, only members who have registered as being on site for the session can be allocated a ticket. If you are still on the waiting list when it is updated but have not arrived for the session, this is not classed as a no show booking.

If you are on the waiting list and know that you will not be able to come, we advise that you cancel at least two hours before the session starts to avoid being registered as a no show booking. You will be notified by email if you receive a booking suspension. 


You can book/cancel sessions via our apps for iPhone and Android, at or at the booking desk at your SATS centre. When you cancel via the app, you must only click ONCE on the “Cancel” button.

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