Nicolas Besch

Nicolas Besch

Kuntoilufilosofia: “When it comes to building up your physique, every small step counts and gets you closer to your goal. 10 minutes at the gym will always be better than none at all. Be consistent and patient but most importantly enjoy the workouts - they are meant to be fun. Success only comes when you truly enjoy what you are doing. My methods include detailed workouts that correspond to the individual needs and goals of each of my clients”.

Ota minuun yhteyttä:

During my professional and international hockey career, I played for many different coaches and therefore encountered many styles of training, each good in their own way. This made me realise that there’s many ways to achieve the same target. Finding the method that fits you best, is key to achieving your goal.

Born in France, speaking french, english and polish.


  • Certified Personal Trainer (Axelsons PT education SWE )
  • Certified pre&post pregnancy trainer (Mammamage SWE)


  • PT at SATS Stockholm (Liljeholmen)
  • Youth coach ice hockey
  • International player hockey FRA
  • 11 world championships
  • 880 professional games