Pain in or around the knee joint are common. The problems negatively affect the victim's activity level because they are almost always provoked by load and movement. Roughly divided, you can talk about acute or subacute problems in the knee joint. You get acute problems through an individual trauma, such as when you sprain the knee joint during, for example, floorball or basketball. Subacute disorders develop gradually and are difficult to relate to in the same way as an individual activity or occasion. Depending on the cause of your knee pain, recommendations and treatment will differ. Regardless of the problem, the ability to balance in and around the affected knee joint is affected. Likewise, the strength of the same leg is negatively affected. Therefore, it is necessary to practice the ability to balance and train the strength of the affected leg. Our physiotherapists have the right skills to make a diagnosis and help you with this.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following descriptions?

  • Do you suffer from locking tendencies with or without cutting pain in the knee joint in connection with bending or stretching in the joint?

  • Are you prevented from doing the activities you want to do due to discomfort or lack of confidence in how your knee joint should react to that activity?

  • Does the knee joint feel unstable during sports activity, running or walking? Does it feel like the trail is giving way to any of these activities?

  • Does the knee joint feel unstable after you "sprained" the knee joint?

  • Do you suffer from pain and / or stiffness in the knee joint when, for example, walking up stairs, running and jumping, etc.?

  • Maybe you have had surgery for or have one of the following diagnoses; meniscus injury, cruciate ligament injury, damage to internal or external ligaments, cartilage damage, patellar tendon dinosaur, patellar dislocation (unstable patella), running knee, Schlatter's disease, osteoarthritis of the knee, posterior cyst, etc.?

Whatever your problems are, you can contact one of our physiotherapists for help with diagnosis and rehabilitation or, if necessary, a referral for further investigation.

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