It is safe and cosy to train at ELIXIA, if you follow and respect our safety and house rules.

  1. Follow the instructions about the training and the use of the equipment given by the ELIXIA staff.

  2. Remember good manners and respect the fellow trainees.

  3. Only the ELIXIA staff is allowed to give training instructions to the members.

  4. Due to the risk for injuries, children under 15 years of age are not permitted to enter the training areas or the locker rooms (excl. Together-membership). The children may be granted admission to the club in connection with the ELIXIA childcare services, other special occasions and memberships.

  5. Leave your outdoor shoes on the appointed place or in your locker.

  6. Use training clothes and indoor training shoes. It is prohibited to train barefoot or on socks. It is not allowed to train with bare upper body or use clothing that is considered inappropriate.

  7. Take care of tidiness and your personal hygiene. Use a small towel on the platforms of the training equipment. Notice that there are people allergic to perfumes.

  8. You are only allowed to use fluid magnesium in the gym.

  9. Wipe the training equipment after the use. Tissue paper and detergent are available at several pointsaround the gym.

  10. Don’t drop the weights. Handle the training equipment and weights safely.

  11. After the use return the weights and the training equipment in their own place.

  12. It is not allowed to reserve the training equipment entirely for your own use.

  13. Be in time in the group training class. It is not allowed to enter the class after the class has started.

  14. Avoid the use of the mobile phone.

  15. Follow the photography etiquette. The club is not a public place; it is prohibited to take photos or video from other members without permission.

  16. ELIXIA takes a negative attitude towards doping and drugs. ELIXIA’s anti-doping rule (WADA) absolutely prohibits the staff and the member from the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

  17. ELIXIA is not responsible for the member’s lost property in the gym.

  18. It is prohibited to keep your belongings in the lockers over the night. We check the lockers regularly. The belongings that have been left in the lockers will be retained for 14 days.

  19. Remember to leave the club by the closing time.

  20. Inform the customer service for any broken or defective equipment.

  21. Due to the misuse of the membercard or the wristband, the membership can be terminated. 

ELIXIA has the right to terminate the membership if you don’t follow the safety and house rules.THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING OUR SAFETY AND HOUSE RULES. SINUSSA ON VOIMAA.