FAQ SATS Rewards

Will a digital user be a part of the SATS Rewards program?

You will keep you’r loyalty level but not be able to take part of the benefits.

I’m training a lot of Online Training and outdoor, why can’t I get points for that in SATS Rewards?

The current Reward program do not include number of online trainings video views or workouts you do yourself at home or outdoors.

How do the vouchers work?

You will find them in the app, and you can use it to your purchase items at your SATS club.

Can my friend use the free training voucher without me there, or do i have to attend at the same time?

- Your friend must accompany you as the SATS member and register the visit on a self-service iPad.

Can i send the voucher to a friend digitally?

No, you can not

Can i swap GX & concept voucher to bring a friend clip?

Yes, just contact member care and they will help you.

Can the member transfer their GX & concept clip card to another member?

Yes, just contact member care and they will help you.

Can i buy PT clips with the voucher and transfer to another member?

No this is not allowed.

I´ve spent all my rewards, when do I get new ones?

We hope you have enjoyed the rewards vouchers. Renewal for vouchers happens 1 year after you entered your respective reward level. If you enjoyed the vouchers, please visit our webpage to see how you may upgrade your membership to include Group training or have a look at our PT offerings.

How long are the vouchers valid? Do I have to use them before a certain time?

The benefit will be renewed after 365 days at the same level and will be replaced with the benefits for the next level if they are not used when moving on to next level.

Will I be able to keep my rewards when I level up?

No, they will be replaced with the rewards for the next level.

Can I give away my rewards to someone else or are they personal?

You can may share available group training vouchers with a friend, who also is a SATS member. This is solved via contact to our Member Care service.

Can I split the platinum member freeze period in half?

No, the benefit will be marked as used when it is first registered

I can’t see the Reward update in my app?

You need to download latest version of our app on your mobile device. Normally this is done automatically, but please see in your App store or Google store. By clicking on your profile, you will see your reward level and benefits.

There´s not so many rewards, will SATS add more in the future?

We believe our SATS Reward program is motivating to our members, as it supports members to create frequent good training routines. The Reward program is launched with appreciated member benefits and there is no current plan to further ad benefits.